The Gallery

Founded in 1987, Gallery Kaptol is one of Craoatia's leading galleries. The Gallery deals in the bying , selling and exibiting of the most prominent national artist.

Gallery is located in the heart of Zagreb, on Kaptol 13.

Since gallery's establishment «Kaptol» has organised many exhibitions. Some of the artists being; Antun Motika, Vilim Svečnjak, Ivo Dulčić, Matko Trebotić, Vasko Lipovac, Mladen Veža, Velimir Trnski, Jože Plečnik, Antun Masle, Jiri Anderle, Vannetta Cavallotti, Munir Vejzović, Branko Bahunek, Zlatko Prica, Boris Guina, Đuro Pulitika, Vojo Radoičić, Omer Mujadžić, etc..

Gallery Kaptol also deals in the publishing of graphics. The first garphics collection of various artists «Krležin Gvozd» was presented in 1990. In the past few years we have produced graphics for the following artists; Đuro Pulitika, Stipe Nobilo, Vojo Radoičić, Bane Milenković.

The gallery has a wide selection of modern to contemporary artists. Some of the works available in our gallery will be presented on these pages.