Rudolf Marčić


Rudolf Marčić Ernst was born on February 21, 1882 in Slovenia.

In 1905 he went to the Academy of Arts in Prague to study with prof. Vlaho Buhovac. In 1906 he exhibited for the first time at an international exhibition in Prague. In 1907 he lived in the Bay of Kotor. In 1908 he became a professor of drawing at the military high school in Strass. In 1921 he retired as a major. After that he lived as a painter in Bled, then in Dalmatia on the island of Koločep near Dubrovnik. He had a private painting school in Praška Street in Zagreb. He painted the most landscape paintings.

A large number of his paintings depict Dalmatian coastal motifs, motifs of the Bled province, and he also painted a cycle of paintings from Albania. He exhibited in Prague, Sofia (1906), Trieste (1909), Vienna, Brno, Budapest, Berlin, Zagreb (at the collective exhibition of motifs from Bled), Belgrade, Ljubljana, Osijek, Novi Sad, Bled, Celje. He was a member of the Society of Fine Artists in Styria, since 1912 a member of the Albrecht Dürer-Bund in Vienna, a member of Vesna and the founder of the Art Society in Osijek. Over a thousand of his paintings are found throughout Europe.

Rudolf Marčić died in 1960. 

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