Dalibor Parac

Parać, Dalibor, Croatian painter (Solin, June 20, 1921 - Zagreb, February 13, 2009). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1948; he was an associate of the K. Hegedušić Master Workshop (1950–52). Teacher and director of the School of Applied Arts (1952–62), then professor at the Academy of Fine Arts until his retirement in 1986. Author of drawings and graphics with themes from II. World War II (Mass Arrest, 1945). He painted still lifes, figural compositions, portraits and Mediterranean landscapes in the spirit of lyrical abstraction, then from the 1980s he depicts flat-linear characters in imaginary, sensual situations with refined color (Mladenka, 1988).He received the Vladimir Nazor Lifetime Achievement Award (1992).