Edo Kovačević

Kovačević, Edo, Croatian painter (Gospić, 16 November 1906 - Zagreb, 15 March 1993). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1930); studied wall painting in Paris. He was a member of the Earth group (1932–35); since 1986 a member of JAZU (today HAZU) and editor-in-chief of its Bulletin. He worked as an art pedagogue in Zagreb (1934–47). In the country period, he painted realistic motifs from the Zagreb suburbs. He built the compositions in a flat conception (Barutanski jarak, 1932; Kožarska ulica, 1934) and developed a subtle colorism, which reached its classic fullness in the blue range (Allée des Tuilleries, 1958). In later works, he focused on the reduction of form, and he achieved coloristic harmony in landscapes and still lifes (Ranunkule u cvijeću, 1974; Klanječki vinogradi, 1981). He made designs for tapestries (Zagreb Roofs, 1964), created a large number of theatrical sets, is the author of numerous exhibitions and museum exhibits (Museum of Arts and Crafts, 1947-54; Atelier Meštrović in Zagreb, 1961; Permanent Exhibition of Church Art in Zadar, 1976). He received the Vladimir Nazor Award for Lifetime Achievement (1981).

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