Edo Murtić

(Velika Pisanica 1921 - Zagreb 2005). In Zagreb he attended the Crafts School 1935-39 (E. Kovačević, K. Tompa, E. Tomašević) and enrolled at the Academy. 1940-41 he attended the course of P. Dobrović in Belgrade, after which he continued his studies in Zagreb (Lj. Babić). 1951g. resides in the US and Canada where he encounters current tendencies of abstract expressionism. Founder of the group "March" in 1956. He has exhibited independently at more than 300 exhibitions in the country and abroad. His paintings are in some of the most important museums in the world. He has won many international awards. monographs; Vladimir Maleković "Murtić" publisher Pordenone, Italy 1978 : Michael Gibson "Edo Murtić" publisher Paris Art Center / Globus Zagreb 1989; I. Zidić "Edo Murtić" Modern Gallery Zagreb 2002 /



Le Brun lointain

Composition 92 LA

Red bush




The big wave


Between rocks

Red rock

Landscape with a hill