Ivan Lacković Croata

Ivan Lacković Croata (Batinske, 1 January 1932 - Zagreb, 29 August 2004) was a prominent Croatian artist, a representative of Croatian naive painting, a collector and bibliographer.
He was a self-taught painter. He painted the first paintings in 1944 with watercolors, and in them he naturally exhibits the experiences of nature and life in the countryside. In 1952 he made his first drawings, and by moving to Kloštar Podravski, where he lived from 1954 to 1957, his first paintings were created. In 1957 he moved to Zagreb, where he worked as a postman, and after finishing evening school he became a postal clerk.

In Zagreb in 1962, he met Krsto Hegedušić and occasionally worked in his master workshop. At that time, he also started exhibiting. In 1968, he left the Zagreb post office and became a professional painter. He then became a freelance artist whose works he introduced to the public at numerous exhibitions in Croatia and around the world.

He became a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists (HDLU). He exhibited throughout the former Yugoslavia, mostly in Croatia, and in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia, in group and solo exhibitions. His paintings and drawings can be found in many prestigious world galleries and private collections.
Ivan Lacković Croata painted with oil on glass, a traditional technique of Croatian naive artists from the north. He mostly drew landscapes, figural compositions, flowers and still lifes. Portraits are very rare. On the white surface of the paper, his basic means of expression was a line, rich and indented to the utmost. In the landscapes he drew depictions of events from rural life; he talked about people who happened to appear only in passing, while everything around them remained unchanged.