Ivan Lovrenčić

Born on December 28, 1917 in Začretje in Hrvatsko Zagorje.

In 1936 he enrolled at the then College of Arts and Crafts.

His professors were Omer Mujadžić and Krsto Hegedušić (drawing), Ljubo Babić (painting), Tomislav Krizman (graphics).

In 1940 he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Zagreb, after which in 1941 he was employed as a set designer at the National Theater in Split.

Since 1972 he has been working as an associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and after retiring in 1978 he continued to work as a freelance artist.

He has exhibited in over 100 solo and more than 150 group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Ivan Lovrenčić died on January 1, 2003 in Zagreb.

Still life