Koraljka Kovač

Born on July 17, 1971 in Zagreb. She graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design, painting department. In 1991 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, pedagogical department, painting department. She graduated in the class of Professor Zlatko Keser. She has been a member of HDLU since 1998. She was involved in animated film and illustration. She was a member of the group "Takolososi" and the association "Punkt". So far, she has had 47 solo and 67 group exhibitions at home and abroad. Participated in several colonies, projects and residences. She has led and leads art workshops for children and adults. She is the winner of the Rector's Award of the University of Zagreb. She is currently working at the Faculty of Textile Technology, Department of Textile and Clothing Design in the course Textile Creation as an assistant professor.

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