Marino Tartaglia

(Zagreb 03.08.1894 - 21.04.1984) attends the Civil Vocational School where his professors are O. Iveković and I. Tišov. In 1912 he went to Florence where he studied at the Swiss Academy (A.G. Giacometti) and then the Instituto superiore di belle arti. In 1918 he exhibited with the most prominent representatives of the Italian Avant-Garde (C. Carra, G. De Chirico, E. Prampolini). Between 1921-25. years in Vienna. In 1925, he founded the group "Oblik" in Belgrade. 1927-28. resides in France. Since 1931 he has been a professor at the Academy in Zagreb. He participated in the Venice Biennale in 1930 and 1940. He exhibited independently in Belgrade, Split, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Zagreb, where he was given a retrospective in 1975/76. and 2003.


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