Milivoj Uzelac

(Mostar, July 23, 1897 - Contignac, France, June 6, 1977) began painting at the Banja Luka Gymnasium, where he was friends with V. Gecan. After moving to Zagreb in 1912, he attended the painting school of T. Krizman. In 1913/14. attends the Provisional College of Arts and Crafts in the class of O. Iveković. As a military fugitive in Prague 1915-1919. occasionally attends the Academy and works under the guidance of J. Preisler. With Gecan, Trepša and Varlaj, he exhibits in the group of "four". In 1923 he went to Paris where he stayed until 1963 and after that he moved to the south of France, Contignac. Retrospective exhibition in Zagreb 1971.


Marchand ambulant

Shot put thrower