Ranko Ajdinović

Ranko Ajdinović recognizes his interest in fine arts and creativity in his early childhood. He graduated from the Arthouse College of Visual Arts in Ljubljana. He started his more serious artistic career in 2008, which he brought to a professional level a few years ago. Ranko is a multimedia artist, and he creates paintings, installations and sculptures. He mainly creates in his studio in Karlovac, he has a dozen solo and twenty group exhibitions behind him. Some of his works can be found in famous Croatian collections and around the world, such as the Krajačić Collection, De De Bridgewater (double Grammy winner) in Los Angeles, and in many private collections in Paris, London, New York, Verona, Crete, California, Washington, Amsterdam, Hawaii...

Inner landscape - variation III

Inner landscape - variation I

Composition SA 11

Inner landscape 26