Vjenceslav Richter

Vjenceslav Richter (April 8, 1917 - December 2, 2002), is one of the most famous Croatian architects of the twentieth century.

He graduated in 1949 from the architect Zdenko Strižić at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Zagreb.

In addition to architecture, he was actively involved in other fine arts (sculpture, painting, graphics, scenography), and left behind a valuable opus in these disciplines, and his contribution in the field of theoretical research and discussions of art is especially significant.

In 1980, Vjenceslav Richter and his wife Nada Kareš Richter donated works of art and a family house to the City of Zagreb in the western, residential part of the city, about a thirty-minute walk from the city center. The idea of ​​the donor was to spread cultural content outside the city center, enriching the cultural offer of the city of Zagreb with new content with special emphasis on working with young artists and especially the local community.

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